Thursday, 19 December 2013

Free eCommerce business owners guide to designing, developing, managing and marketing your online eCommerce shop in Australia. Join us for the next series of free eCommerce blog articles. Expert insight into starting your business and brand, selecting your domain name, developing product, shipping and banking logistics, planning your website, designing your website branding and promoting your online marketing through search engines or social media.

Summary of upcoming blog articles:
Week 1: Deciding on your business name, logo and design guide, products or services and target demographics.

Week 2: Selecting your .com or domain name(s) and protecting your brand.

Week 3: Developing business, product, shipping and banking logistics.

Week 4: Planning your website and information architecture.

Week 5: Design, layout, functionality and usability of your website.

Week 6: Promoting and marketing your business online.

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